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UV FLOOR SEALER by Ribera Construction

UV FLOOR SEALER, best in the industry, dries in seconds, no odor, eliminates inconvenience, you may be back in your office or residential room in the same day, business as usual....totally amazing!!! Other sealers mils are evaporated during drying time, ours keeps same mils due to one second drying method and therefore last longer and material is stronger then conventional sealers.  Our sealer seals : concrete, concrete stamping, stained concrete, stone, marble,  saltier tile, brick, wood floors, and vinyl. Superior chemical, stain and abrasion resistance. Has been tested by Bowen. Long lasting, available in high gloss, satin, and matte finishes. Long lasting sealer saves money buy not having to seal as often as other sealers. It is truly one of the best sealers in the world today.  By Ribera Construction in Midland Texas. Please call for free estimates at  432-570-1955 ask for Manny . May your floors, patios shine for as long as you want them to and be perfected with the best sealer in the industry and make you proud to use the best for your home and your office.

Our sealer has no VOC's (Volatile Organic Chemicals), totally  environmentally safe and chemical resistance, used interior or exterior.

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