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Finally we can just put about a 3/4 of an inch resurfacing material over your fireplace and change the whole look just the way you have always wanted it saving you tons of dollars buy not doing the old way of having to tear the whole thing down!! The styles are endless and have absolutely no limitations and as we say "the sky is the limits!! You can see the amazing change from before and after pictures! We encourage you to go on Google and search for fire places and click on "images" to give you some endless ideas of how your fire place can look show us the picture/image either %50 your idea and design and %50 other design and WE CAN DO IT!! Please call us for a free estimate and we will be ready to do it. With Manny's endless artistic creativity we can surly come up with a unique idea for your fireplace. No more boring fireplace for you!! :) ...smiling!!

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